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NuChem Therapeutics is a medicinal chemistry contract research organisation. Our mission focus is to identify high quality pre-clinical candidates in the small molecule drug discovery area to address unmet medical needs.

We are a group of experienced chemists and biologist with proven track records in drug discovery with over 10 – 20 years of passionate work performed at Merck Frosst Canada. Our team has a wide knowledge base in respiratory, inflammation, diabetes, bone and infectious disease targets with an understanding of the pharmacology, ADME, toxicology and physico-chemical parameters required to develop novel drug candidates from lead identification.

NuChem Therapeutics provides impact work to address the needs of the biopharmaceutical sector and offers the following expertise:

  Generation and analysis of targeted Structure-Activity-Relationship studies
  IP innovation to secure your research program (investment)
  Chemistry development for preparation of analogs with improved properties
  Synthesis of literature or known compounds (milligrams to grams)
  Custom synthesis of intermediates and molecular tools
  Medicinal chemistry support for research project from academia and biotech's

In addition, our experienced medicinal chemists can also collaborate on an FTE effort to provide impact on your project, from hit-to-lead identification and lead optimization to clinical candidates. Moreover, our senior biochemist with hands on experience in biology can assist your team by providing expertise in assay development and screening efforts to improve your efficiency.

Our North American based company looks forward to becoming your CRO partner for providing world class, cost-efficient and rapid-turnaround medicinal chemistry expertise in a customer focused needs.

NuChem Therapeutics is funded by AmorChem to stimulate and innovate academic research in Canada.

Contact: Daniel Guay

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